Wehner says video showing unsanitary conditions in The Point prove PM Browne cares nothing about City West residents

The unsanitary conditions in St. John’s City West – the constituency represented by Prime Minister Gaston Browne – are being highlighted in a video series by REAL News Correspondent George Wehner.

In his most recent expose, Wehner documents the filthy gutters, overgrown bush, and piles of garbage in the community among other eyesores.

In the vicinity of the Hells Gate Steel Orchestra’s Pan Yard on Bay Street, there is an area of stagnant water that is breeding mosquitoes, Wehner reports.

Further, near the Villa Primary School, which is set to reopen on Monday, September 5, he notes that several derelict vehicles filled with trash are creating conditions for rodents.

Overgrown shrubbery is also in that area and the location is unkempt, Wehner says.

All this, he says, demonstrates clearly that Prime Minister Browne cares nothing about the residents of the community.

Wehner describes his journey through the City West constituency as unsettling.