UPP Chair condemns PM’s attacks on public servants as cruel, irresponsible, and possibly defamatory

The constant attacks on, and degrading of, public servants and
private persons by Prime Minister Gaston Browne is being
described as “cruel” and “irresponsible” by D. Gisele Isaac, chairman
of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Isaac made the observation during a TwinIsland Media interview on
Thursday, November 16, regarding the sackings and resignation of
four managers from three statutory corporations.

Isaac, who has been a victim of a similar attack by the head of
government, says what happened with these four professionals –
who have been publicly reviled in prejudicial terms – is regrettable.
She says that such statements, coming from the prime minister, have
the potential to ruin the professional and personal reputations of
these individuals.
According to Isaac, Browne continues to display the much-believed
sentiment that he is not fit to be a leader, much less head the
Government and lead the country.
As prime minister, she says, he could have dealt with these
situations less crudely. And he notes that there are channels – such
as permanent secretaries, the Public Service Association, and boards
of directors – that can be used to address issues with workers in the
public service.

Just as Isaac has had to seek redress in the court after she was
defamed, she says there might be grounds in these instances for
legal action against the prime minister.

The UPP chairman says these latest attacks might be because the
prime minister cannot get his way on certain issues that he wants
attended immediately, and, therefore, he engages in character
Isaac believes that, instead of attacking public servants, Browne
should look at his Cabinet and get rid of all his underperforming
ministers, given the state in which the country now finds itself – no
regular supply of water; poor infrastructure; a rise in crime; and a
crumbling healthcare system.