Public speculates about social-media war between former ALP minister and the person he describes as a ‘donkey leader’

Two social-media posts by former Cabinet minister Dean Jonas have
residents wondering whether a war is brewing between him and
Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

In one post, Jonas refers to a “donkey leader,” which he defines
as “an incompetent and greedy leader who can only command a
group of sycophant(s) and yes-men.”

According to the post, “This leader is stubborn, selfish, and ignorant
of the needs and opinions of others.” Further, Jonas opines, such
persons care only about their own interests and benefits, as they
seek to exploit followers for their own gain.
He adds that these leaders “are unable to inspire, motivate, or
empower anyone, and they resort to bullying, cutthroat attacks,
threats, lies, and manipulation to maintain their authority.”
The post ends with Jonas saying these leaders are the worst kind
and should be exposed and removed from leadership.
It is widely believed that the criticism was a response to the prime
minister’s assertion that Jonas would have no place on the Antigua
Labour Party ticket come the next General Election, since he had lost
his seat to Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party
candidate, in January 2023.
Accordingly, Browne said he is looking for new blood to contest the
St. George seat.

In a second post that made the social-media rounds today, October
30, Jonas made a more obvious dig at PM Browne, saying “the
donkey leader has no right to lead after the kick he got from
someone like [Kelvin Shugy Simon].”

The post notes that the donkey lost even though he had every
advantage – money, State resources, and State power – in hand.

Therefore, it concludes the leader “is not worth his salt;” and it calls
on the failed leader to “do the right thing and stand down.”
Another former Labour Party MP, Asot Michael, made similar
accusations and came to the same conclusion during a Big Issues
outing on Sunday, October 29.

Michael accused PM Browne of “[abusing] his position in
government with record election-campaign spending from the
public purse to influence votes … and he was decisively defeated.”
The by-election outcome, says Michael – the current independent
representative for St. Peter – proved that the people are not afraid to
claim their power and face down aspiring dictators.

Prior to Jonas’ social-media affront, former MP Samantha Marshall –
who was summarily removed from the by-election contest in St.
Mary’s South – made a post about “immature leaders” that was also
believed to be directed at the prime minister.

However, after it caught the public’s attention – and apparently was
answered by Browne – Marshall quickly sought to do damage
control, stating that the post was not necessarily relevant to her

Meanwhile, speculation is rife that there is dissention within the
ranks of the Labour Party, with members privately grumbling
against Browne’s autocratic leadership while putting on a public
show of unity.