Supervisor not aware of election tensions in St. Mary’s South, but says Police will be on hand to keep the peace next Tuesday

Although he is not expecting any disruptions to the polling exercise,
Supervisor of Elections Ian Hughes says the Police will play an
important role in the by-election process next week by ensuring that
law and order are maintained.

Already, many residents are reporting that there is tension in the St.
Mary’s South constituency, as campaigning by both major political
parties picks up ahead of the poll next Tuesday, October 24.
Fortunately, there have been no violent incidents, so far; only the
usual political sparring.
Having been in the area, himself, Hughes says he has not felt any
anxiety or tension among the residents; but he acknowledges that
he has heard others speaking about the tense atmosphere.

Despite the talk, Hughes says he is not at all worried about any
incident occurring on By-Election Day, since Antiguans and
Barbudans are a peaceful people.
Meanwhile, Hughes says the counting of ballots next Tuesday will
follow the usual process. The tally will be undertaken at one
centralized location – the Urlings Primary School – by the returning

His earlier advocacy for the ballots to be counted in the respective
voting districts will not apply to this poll, since the change would
require a change in the relevant legislation.
In the meantime, Hughes recently expressed concern about Internet
connectivity at the office of the Electoral Commission – which he
said was being addressed.
He reported that technicians were working to correct the issue of
the signal cutting in and out, and he was confident that the problem
would be rectified by By-election Day.

Apparently, things are now back to normal and all systems are a go.