Shugy says the pressure on PM Browne is ‘real,’ as Public Works has taken up residence in the St. Mary’s South constituency

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is under heavy pressure to win the
St. Mary’s South constituency. That is why he continues to make
social-media posts to discredit Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United
Progressive Party (UPP) candidate, observers say.
Speaking at a public rally in Bolans on Sunday night, Simon said
Browne is so desperate that he is out stumping every day in the
constituency – something he does not do in his own constituency of
St. John’s City West.

According to Simon, when the prime minister and the Ministry of
Works appear to have taken up residence in St. Mary’s South, the
pressure is real.
But Simon says the people of the constituency will demonstrate to
PM Browne that they are not easy pushovers; and no matter what is
being done in the constituency at this eleventh hour, they will reject
the Antigua Labour Party candidate.
He says the type of politics being played by the Labour Party will not
be accepted by the people of the South side: That the “devil money”
being given is exchange not for a voter card – but for their souls,
since nothing in life is free. However, he adds, it is being rejected.
According to Simon, Browne is not interested in the real
development of Antigua and Barbuda. Rather, he is now trying to
save himself, because he realizes his administration is going down.
In fact, the UPP candidate says, it appears that the by-election race is
between PM Browne and Kelvin Simon – and not Kelvin Simon and
Dwayne George.
Meanwhile, referring to a recent post by the previous ALP candidate,
Simon says that Browne is the weakest leader in this country’s