UPP concerned about transfers into SMS, but is depending on residents to sniff out impostors

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is expressing some concern
over the number of transfers into St. Mary’s South ahead of the
October 24 by-election.
Apparently there have been about 29 transfers into the
constituency, with a significant number still pending.
Chairman of the UPP D.Gisele Isaac says registration and transfers
are being monitored closely by the Party.
Their concerns are grounded in the confession of Prime Minister
Gaston Browne, who boasted – after the January 28 General
Elections – that voters had been transferred from his constituency
(City West) into other constituencies where his fellow candidates
needed an advantage.
The UPP chairman says the Party’s on-the-ground team is paying
attention to the electoral list, but paying even keener attention to
the transfers.
However, Isaac says, due to the fact that the constituency is
relatively small, most residents know each another; therefore the

Party is counting on those people and the team responsible for
reviewing the list to pick up any discrepancies.
According to Isaac, the Party is prepared to do whatever it takes to
ensure the Antigua Labour Party does not steal the by-election.