Police investigate young man’s report of self-mutilation after a beating by his siblings

A young man is alleged to have cut himself on the forearm multiple
times after reportedly being beaten by his siblings, and is being
treated for his injuries.
According to reports, a Fifth Avenue, Villa, woman telephoned the
Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported that there
had been a wounding incident on Alfred Peters Street at about 4:45

As a result, officers left for duty at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre,
where they met the woman, who reported that she had been
awakened by a sound on her gallery.
When she went to check, she discovered a young man there,
unresponsive, with what appeared to be blood on his body.
The woman immediately called the Emergency Medical Service, who
came to her home and transported the victim to the hospital.
Reportedly, the young man told the Police that, at about 4:40 p.m.,
his brother and sister had come into his bedroom and beaten him in
the head and about the body with a length of 2 x 4 wood.
He claims that, after the beating, he went to Dredge Bay and cut
himself several times on the forearm and then went to Villa for help.
The alleged beating resulted in swelling to several areas on the
young man’s head, and he also sustained other wounds about his
body, which, the Police observed, were bleeding.
An extensive search was carried out for his siblings; however, they
were not found at that time.
This matter is still under active police investigation.