Farmers report instances of praedial larceny in which two Nubian goats and a quantity of eggplants were taken

A man who is known to the court was apprehended and taken into
police custody, pending further investigations into a report of the
theft of two goats.
The Green Bay owner of the Nubian goats made a report to the
Grays Farm Police Station that the two animals, valued at $1,800,
had been stolen on September 26, at about 12 p.m., from their
Creekside location.
Apparently, the theft had been captured on CCTV footage, which the
thieves were unaware had been installed in the area.
Reports say there were two perpetrators – one whom the victim
recognized as a No. 3 George Street resident and the other a resident
of Federation Road.
A search was carried out for both alleged perpetrators, and the
George Street man was apprehended and taken to the station, as
inquiries into the report are ongoing.
Meanwhile, under investigation is another incident of praedial
larceny in which an All Saints man reported the larceny of a quantity
of eggplants from his farm in Burkes, All Saints.
This offence reportedly occurred sometime between 5:45 p.m. on
September 25 and 5:30 a.m. on September 26.
Reportedly the man left his plants filled with the crop; but, upon his
return, he discovered a quantity of the crop had been removed.

The stolen eggplants reportedly are estimated to be about 60lbs
with a value of $180.
A search was carried out in the surrounding areas for the produce
but without success.