Mothers and fathers of infants engage in Health Ministry’s focus-group study of breastfeeding practices and myths

Close to 30 mothers and supportive fathers, along with their infants,
came together to share their breast-feeding experiences and
challenges during a study hosted by the Ministry of Health and
funded by UNICEF Eastern Caribbean.

The event, held at the Tradewinds Hotel on Wednesday, September
27, sought to obtain information from breastfeeding mothers in a
focus-group setting.

Ministry of Health officials say the discussion focused on whether
the experience was successful and what could be done to improve it.
Another part of the study focused on whether mothers exclusively
breastfed their infants and the reasons behind their decision. 
It also addressed the introduction of other feeds, such as formulas,
and what benefits were derived from breastfeeding their infants,
officials say. 

The session also touched on myths the parents had heard of
–including that breastfeeding “pulls down” the breasts, which could
make mothers less attractive to their partners. The officials also
sought to determine from whom they had heard such stories.
Another important focus area for the group was whether their
workplace and daycare centres supported breastfeeding.  
The session concluded with views on how the Ministry can increase
the level of support offered to breastfeeding mothers.