UK invites residents to submit research proposals that offer solutions to problem of Sargassum influxes

A call for research proposals on the Sargassum seaweed has been
launched, and the United Kingdom (UK)is inviting nationals and
citizens of Antigua and Barbuda to submit proposals for up to
£300,000 – or US$374,000 – before October 10.

In a recent response to requests from Caribbean leaders, the UK
launched the initiative, given that the recent influxes of Sargassum
threaten the region’s marine ecosystems, economy, and public

Resident British Commissioner Lindsy Thompson says the awful
effects the Sargassum is having on people’s livelihoods and well-
being are duly noted. Accordingly, she is encouraging individuals or
groups with brilliant ideas for research to take advantage of this UK-
funding opportunity.

Officials are hoping that the research will advance commercial,
scalable, safe solutions to process, sink or store the seaweed. 

Finding solutions to Sargassum influxes could be vital to the
Caribbean’s sustainable development and climate resilience, officials