Sources claim High Court was broken into and exhibits – possibly for high-profile case – removed

There are unconfirmed reports that there has been a break-in at the
High Court of Justice.

Sources say the Court was broken into either Thursday night,
August 17, or in the early hours of Friday, August 18.

It is believed that exhibits related to a high-profile case were stolen
– which could put that matter in jeopardy.

Some persons are already speculating that if the report is factual,
one case in particular is likely to be affected – since attempts

reportedly are being made to dismiss it, because other high-profile
officials might be implicated.

If the exhibits have been stolen, they say, it is highly unlikely the
case will proceed.

In the wake of the alleged break-in, sources claim that the workplace
looked like a hurricane had passed through; and, yet, police sources
say there have been no reports of such an incident.

Another source says this would not have been the first time the High
Court has been broken into and documents or exhibits related to a
case removed.

Mention was made of the IHI matter, which involved a number of
Antigua Labour Party members and government officials. That
deposition reportedly went missing and the case never came to trial.
According to insiders, in most cases when there is a breach of the
Court, there are never signs of forced entry into the building.

Therefore, it is believed that these incidents are taking place with
the assistance of someone who works there.

There are currently no criminal cases taking place at the High Court,
since the Criminal Assizes is on break for the summer holiday and
expected to resume in September.