Cabinet will ensure it has money in hand and then acquire private lands in proximity to airport for security sake 

The Cabinet says it is trying to ensure it has funds in hand to pay for
lands it is seeking to acquire within the boundaries of the V.C. Bird
International Airport. 

On Wednesday, July 26, the Executive reportedly held discussions
with the principals of Signature Flight Support Operation at the
airport, near Runway 10. 

The Executive says it has noted on-going airport-security breaches
caused by the operation of a hangar at Runway 10. 

Therefore, it has determined that all lands within the boundaries of
the airport ought to be held by the Government or its agency – the
Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA) – for a public

The Cabinet Notes claim that the private owners will be justly
compensated, while spokesperson Lionel “Max ” Hurst says the
property will first be evaluated. This is to ensure the Government
secures funds for payment prior to the acquisition. 

Hurst adds that having businesses in such close proximity to the
airport poses a great risk, and Antigua and Barbuda has to
demonstrate that it is as safe as anywhere else in the world. 
If there is a security breach at the country’s lone international
airport, that could lead to it being downgraded, Hurst says.