After five years, Ray John case appears headed for dismissal, while his mother’s matter is thrown out by DPP, sources say

The case in which police officer Ray John is accused of passport
fraud appears to be headed for dismissal, sources tell REAL News.
And the Police and the Office of the Attorney-General could be sued
for malicious prosecution, the sources add.

Reportedly, the case against one of John’s co-accused, his mother,
Yvonne Nickie, was thrown out by the Office of the Director of Public
Prosecutions, last week – five years after she was charged.

It is alleged that John, who was unrepresented in court, asked the
trial judge to have the case against him discontinued, given the
number of adjournments of his matter – because the prosecution
was not ready to proceed.

The judge reportedly granted a final adjournment – to this week – in
the hope that the prosecution will be ready by then.

The case is a judge-alone matter.
In the meantime, the sources could not say whether Nickie has
agreed to a deal to testify against John. However there is speculation
that she could file suit for malicious prosecution.

If she is allowed to walk away without a trial and without being
called as a State witness, insiders say, the case against John and his
other co-accused, Shakema Charles, will be seriously weakened.
It has been five years since the then head of the Criminal
Investigations Department, Lisborn Michael, was found, in St.
Vincent, transporting stolen Antigua and Barbuda passport bio

An investigation by Vincentian police, and media reporting in that
country, subsequently led to the arrest of John, Nickie and Charles.
Many residents have been asking, over the last several years,
whether the case will ever be called, while others have predicted it
will be thrown out of court because of John’s political connections.
In the meantime, police officers have complained to REAL News that
the authorities have extended preferential treatment to John.

They have alleged that, unlike other accused officers, John was never
reduced to half pay, and that he continues to be employed by the
Browne Administration in another capacity.