Antigua is the common denominator in recent migrant- smuggling incidents in neighbouring countries, Lovell notes

Former Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP)
Harold Lovell says that Antigua and Barbuda’ name has come up in
every country where illegal West Africans have been intercepted,
and this is one reason for a commission of inquiry to be held.

Lovell says that the people of this country and the smuggled
immigrants are both victims of what appears to be an international
conspiracy and rip-off.

The UPP’s concern, he says, is that – as the part owner of an airline –
Antigua and Barbuda was used in a conspiracy to smuggle West
Africans into another country. 

If the Governor-General continues to insist that he cannot
commission a public inquiry, Lovell says, then those who can do so,
including the Cabinet, should respect the wishes of the people who
elected them.

He notes that if the UPP has to use the courts in order to get the
inquiry held, it will be done.

According to Lovell, citizens and residents must continue to
pressure the Browne Administration to call the inquiry.