Jennings man responds to his mother’s report of a break-in and returns home to find he, too, was robbed

A spate of break-ins in the Jennings community is being investigated.  

As a result of at least four recent incidents – with a mother and son being hit at different parts of the village on the same night – officers from the Bolans Police Station were kept busy.

According to reports, one victim said he had secured his home and gone to bed, and was awakened in the early-morning hours by a phone call from his mother.

She informed him that her house had been broken into, and so he immediately got up and looked to get dressed. However, he says, he could not find his pants.

He then left home to offer assistance to his mother and report the break-in to the Police.

On his return, he discovered that both his pants and wallet – which reportedly had contained $1,500 – were on the living room floor, along with his girlfriend’s traveling bag, which had been left in a northern bedroom.

Another pair of pants that had been left in his son’s bedroom – and which allegedly had held $350 – was found on a living-room chair. 

When the contents of the wallets were checked, the cash, reportedly, was gone. It was then the man fully realized that his house also had been broken into.

Reportedly, entry had been made through the kitchen door after the intruder had used a sharp object to pry open the lock.

In his mother’s case, the woman reportedly had secured her house at about 7:30 p.m. and gone to bed, getting up at about 4 a.m. and going into the kitchen.

At this time, she realized that a push-up window had been opened.  Further, the handbag containing her wallet, which had been left in a bedroom – and all her other handbags – were on the kitchen table.

The intruder reportedly made off with EC$1,000 and US$200.

By standing on a paint bucket to gain height, the thief had removed the screen and opened the kitchen window, which had been closed but not locked.

Meanwhile, another villager’s house was broken into and $500 stolen from his wallet.

The man says he had gotten up in the early hours to do laundry when he saw his wallet on the floor.  When he checked it, he discovered that his money was missing.

The perpetrator reportedly had entered the house through a kitchen window.  He had used a plastic pallet to gain height and then remove the screen from the push-up window which – also in this instance – was closed but not locked.

Later, yet another villager sought the assistance of the Police after discovering that his house, too, had been broken into.

Reports say the man had secured his home at about 2 a.m. and gone to bed.  At about 8:30 a.m., he was awakened by his sister, who reported that she had found the front door unlocked and her bag ransacked.

There were no signs of forced entry, reports say, and nothing was stolen.