Autopsy concludes that unidentified person at Nut Grove fire scene died from comprehensive burns

Investigations into the January 10 Nut Grove fire continue, as Police attempt to identify the charred human remains found amongst the rubble.

In a recent update, the Police say that an autopsy was conducted on Friday, February 11, and it confirmed that the unidentified person died as a result of burns to 100% of his body.

It is believed that the remains are those of 16-year-old Dequan Cummings, who is believed to have perished in the early-morning fire.  

Reports are that his father, an occupant of one of the destroyed homes, had been looking for him since he ran out of the house during the blaze.

The man had reported to officials that he had seen remains at the scene after the fire; but he was told they were those of a dog.

The Police are expected to send samples overseas for proper DNA analysis and identification of the body.