MP Walker criticizes extension for administration of LIAT and asks about role of Air Peace in settling workers’ severance

Barbuda MP Trevor Walker is asking some probing questions about LIAT (1974) Ltd., which has been under administration for almost three years now.

In 2020, after the airline was grounded as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the employees were let go, Cleveland Seaforth was appointed by the High Court to administer the affairs of the airline.

That administration should have been completed within 120 days.

However, since Seaforth’s appointment, no report on the way forward has been taken before Parliament, and the Government has sought to extend the period.

During debate on this extension on Thursday, May 18, Walker chided the Government over the long and fruitless delay.

Walker also asked whether the administrator has been informing the Court about his progress and seeking the extensions necessary to continue his functions.

The Barbuda MP noted that when questions are asked about the regional carrier, all the answers are “just vague,” he said.

Walker also asked incisive questions about the deal between the Government and Nigerian airline Air Peace, which should be assuming 70 percent of LIAT’s shares.  He asked what the agreement entails, since the former workers have been languishing and need to receive their severance.

Walker is hoping that the Government and the union representing the workers will soon come to an agreement concerning the outstanding severance and other gratuities.