Police kept busy with spate of break-ins and burglaries in which laptops, passports and others IDs are stolen

A motor jeep, electronics and other items reportedly were stolen during three separate burglaries, which the Police are now investigating.

A Potters New Extension woman reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that her home had been burglarized by some unknown person and her blue Kia Sportage jeep, registration A7049, had been stolen.

The offence occurred between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. on May 10.

However, the jeep has since been recovered, after being found abandoned in Potters, and the Police have already processed it for evidence.

Reports say the victim went the night before and was later informed, by her husband, that the jeep was not in the driveway where she left it.

She also found that the wooden door to a northern laundry room had been opened.  Reportedly, it was through this point that the intruder gained entry into the house.

Further reports say the burglar searched a southeastern bedroom, as well as the living room, and stole two vehicle keys from the latter space.

The perpetrator then went outside and searched a brown Hyundai Tucson jeep; however, nothing was stolen. He then entered the Kia Sportage and drove away.

Reportedly, that vehicle contained a black-and-red laptop bag with a Lenovo laptop and a black handbag.  The handbag held a multi-colored pouch with four Antigua and Barbuda passports belonging to members of the family; two US passports; birth certificates; and various identification cards.

Meanwhile, a Lightfoot woman reported to the All Saints Police Station that her house had been broken into, between 8:10 p.m. and 10 p.m. on May 8, and a black Lenovo laptop costing US$1,200 had been taken.

The intruder had used a hard object to break open a southern kitchen window, and then inserted a hand through the space created and unlocked it.

He then entered the house, went to a northwestern bedroom and ransacked it, and stole the laptop, before making good his exit via a western living-room window.

The Police carried out an unsuccessful search for the stolen computer.

In another incident, a Cassada Gardens man reported to the CID that an unknown person had broken into his house and stolen the keys to his silver Rav4 vehicle.

The intruder reportedly gained entry through a louvre window by removing two panes of glass.  He then proceeded to an eastern bedroom, where the keys to the jeep were removed from a table.

The perpetrator then opened the vehicle and ransacked it. Nothing was reported stolen; but the homeowner obviously had to replace the louvres for security purposes.

This offence reportedly occurred between 2 a.m. and 3:15 a.m. on May 10.