Electoral Commission previews its civic education programme and says it will be launched soon

As the country gets set for another General Elections, the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) is pushing along with its civic-education programme on voter registration.

Elisa Graham, ABEC’s public relations officer (PRO), says the programme will be launched soon, but the Commission is always in the mode of voter education.

This time around, the education campaign will take the form of  public service announcements, she says.  These will involve members of the Commission, who will address key issues related to the electoral process.

These recordings will then be shared via several of ABEC’s social-media platforms and on State media.

Some of the issues to be addressed are:

preparations for a general election; the security of the Commission’s system; and the eligibility and nomination of candidates.

Other topics include codes of conduct in the electoral process; the election count; campaign financing and how this is addressed by the Commission, if necessary; ABEC’s role in court procedures; and COVID-19 and the electoral process.

The programme is a 10-part mini-series and Graham says that ABEC is looking forward to the public’s feedback once the recordings are posted.