EAG reminds consumers that closed season for chub fish and lobster begins on May 1, and possession of these will be illegal

The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) is putting the general public on notice that the closed season for two popular seafoods will be in effect from next week.

Come Monday, May 1, and until July 31, it will be illegal to harvest, sell, or buy parrotfish, which is more popularly known as chub fish.

It is also illegal to have this type of fish in one’s possession – for example, in one’s freezer – during the closed season.

Meanwhile, the closed season for the Caribbean Spiny Lobster will also commence on May 1 and will run until June 30.  During this period, it is also illegal to harvest, sell, buy, or keep the lobster in one’s possession.

Residents caught with any of these two creatures could face charges – even if the seafood had been in their possession before the start of the closed season.

The EAG is therefore admonishing persons to play their part by respecting the closed season and by reporting any illegal activity to the Fisheries Division at 462-1372.