Deazle-Myers asks colleagues to work with her department to advance Barbuda’s youth – the island’s future torch-bearers

The youth will continue to be the focus of the Barbuda Council’s Sports and Youth Affairs sub-committee, as members of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) undertake another two-year mandate to manage the affairs of the sister-island. 

Sub-Committee Chairman Sherima Deazle-Myers says the old adage of the youth being the future, and tomorrow’s leaders, should motivate the Council to do everything to hone the young people’s skills.

In February this year, the Council’s Youth Affairs and Sports Department held its first-ever youth awards under the theme “Igniting the Fire Within.”

The youth’s talents in education, sports, agriculture and many other sectors were highlighted, and Deazle-Myers says the event encouraged the young people who are pursuing the right paths. Their parents were also happy to know they had raised children with substance, she says. 

Therefore, as the Department continues to progress, the councilwoman is urging her colleagues to help her, since

the work she started with the young people is far from complete.

While she and her team were able to accomplish many great things over the past four years, she notes that there is more to be done – and will be done – as her tenure continues.

Deazle-Myers says she intends to make Barbuda the best version of itself in the field of sports and youth Affairs – not just through talk, but backed by action.

Since the youth of any country are the torch-bearers of the future, it is necessary and important to educate them with the correct values.

Therefore, she says, change must start with the young people pushing the Government for a system in which the Department can do its job properly.