CBH employees accused of fuel theft have been arrested and charged by police after searches of their premises

Two Central Board of Health (CBH) employees who were arrested for allegedly stealing fuel from their place of employment reportedly have been charged.

Reports are that Hubert Cortwright “Sly” Josiah, 62, of Pigotts, and 57-year-old Villa resident Derrick Wade have both been charged with larceny in relation to an alleged diesel-thievery scheme.

Josiah and Wade allegedly stole 40 gallons of diesel, and have been charged separately with unlawful possession of the stolen fuel.

On April 24, at about 9:27 a.m., officers reportedly executed a search warrant at Josiah’s home, in his presence, and Wade and another 53-year-old Bendals man were also present.

Reports are that the officers, including those from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), found and seized a blue barrel and three buckets containing diesel, along with a fuel pump and two funnels.

These items were taken into police custody for investigating purposes; and after the scene was processed, they were transported to the Central Board of Health.

The men were arrested on suspicion of larceny and taken to St. John’s Police Station.

Additionally, a search warrant was executed just over an hour later at Wade’s home, and a bucket and two bottles were found to contain diesel.

They were seized for investigating purposes, the scene was processed, and the items – along with Wade – were taken to St. John’s Police Station.

The police reportedly also conducted a search of the home of the Bendals villager during the execution of a search warrant.

Reports are that this search was carried out the same day (April 24) about 6:30 p.m. in the presence of the 53-year-old man in connection with a report of larceny but nothing was found.

The duo is expected to make an appearance before a magistrate at St. John’s Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charges.

Reportedly the matter is still under active police investigation.

The diesel that was allegedly stolen was meant for use by the Vector Control Unit employees to spray stagnant-water locations and prevent mosquito breeding.

Officers are working on the theory that the CBH workers colluded to steal the diesel, which they allegedly collected each morning to carry out their normal work duties.