Thieves make off with loot and cash after breaking into popular clothing store and a cook shop  

A clothing store and a cook shop were the most recent targets of thieves, who broke into both businesses and made off with a quantity of items including, in one case, over $7,000.

Reports are that the Source Clothing Store, located at Redcliffe Street, was burglarized, and two cash registers containing money were stolen.

Further reports say the intruder used an implement to cut a hole on the northern side of the ground floor, creating a space large enough for the perpetrator to enter and leave the building.

Once inside, the person unplugged two cash registers and stole $600 and $7,000, respectively, from each.

After the owner discovered that his business place had been broken into, he went to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and made a report. 

Officers visited the scene and a search was carried out for the cash registers, which were found at the back of the business, in the storeroom. 

In the meantime, a Clare Hall woman reported to the CID that some unknown person had broken into her cook shop, Fish Tales, and stolen a quantity of assorted items.

Reports are that the woman secured her business and returned the following day, at which time she found that it had been burglarized, with several items of liquor and snacks stolen.

Apparently, the intruder had used a hard implement to pry the hinge off a western door to gain entry.

A search was carried out, in and around the surrounding area, for the missing items, but without success. 

Investigation into both incidents continue.