Parents with children will learn much at tonight’s public forum on violence among youth, promises organizer ‘Mandy’

Everything is in place for tonight’s public forum to address the recent spate of violence among the youth and to bring about a meaningful change in attitude among young citizens.

The event, themed Eye on the Issues: Youth and Violence, is hosted by the Mandy Premier League, “and will be a discussion involving parents, teachers and sporting personnel.”

The forum will commence at 7 p.m., at the National Public Library across from the East Bus Station, and will be broadcast live via Progressive 107.3 FM.

Mandy Weatherhead, one of the organizers of the forum, says he undertook this venture because he is a father with a son now attending school, and on behalf of family members who are affected by this troubling issue.

Additionally, Weatherhead says he is tired of the lip service being paid by the Government and the Ministry of Education – rather than action to seriously address violence among the youth.

At Tuesday night’s event, he says, a well-informed panel that includes attorney-at-law Saska Diamond and Pastor Olson Daniel will be offering some insights and solutions for addressing the problem.

According to Weatherhead, an invitation to the forum was also extended to Director of Education Clare Browne, who reportedly cannot attend due to other commitments.

Weatherhead is encouraging the parents who will be attending the event to bring along their children, who, he says, will be able to learn a lot from the discussions.

Meanwhile, Weatherhead is somewhat disappointed at the turnout to a march that was geared towards highlighting and stopping the violence and abuse that many women face.

He says the attendance by women was poor, but he is planning on hosting a similar event in the future.