PDV-CAB manager appeals to beneficiaries to update their telephone contact numbers

Laurie Louard, operations manager for PDV-CAB, is appealing to beneficiaries of the programme to notify the office of any changes to their telephone numbers.  This is because it is sometimes difficult to contact them about updates on relevant matters.

Under the programme, pensioners are assisted with utility payments, except Internet, through the distribution of vouchers valued at $100 monthly, which can be used to pay water, telephone and electricity charges.

At times, Louard says, persons fail to collect their voucher booklets; and when attempts are made to remind them – or to find out the reasons they have not collected – these beneficiaries cannot be reached via the phone numbers on file.

In most instances, these persons would have had a number change, but have failed to report it and have the number on file updated.

While he acknowledges that some beneficiaries have come into the office to update their records, others still have not done so, for various reasons.