Quinn-Williams champions petition that calls on Sir Rodney to launch inquiry into Antigua Airways and related scandals

Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive Party’s caretaker for St. John’s Rural North, has launched a petition that calls for a public inquiry into the debacle of Antigua Airways and the chartered flights that left West Africans stranded in Antigua.

The petition was made public on Thursday, February 23; residents are being asked to sign it in support of the call on His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams, Governor-General, to commission an inquiry and a report on the issues.

Copies of the petition are now in circulation, with most of the UPP MPs, caretakers and branches making then available for signatures.  Signing may also be undertaken at the UPP Secretariat in Belmont.

Quinn-Williams says the petition is being circulated on behalf of the citizens and residents who are concerned about the situation, and who have demonstrated this through an earlier picket of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The petition notes the irreparable damage the Antigua Airways scandal can cause to the country’s standing in the region and its reputation in the international community, as well as the impact on the livelihood of the people.   

Quinn-Williams, too, refers to the airline fiasco as a big scandal which has the potential to damage the reputation of Antigua and Barbuda.

According to Quinn-Williams, the Browne Administration has not been up front with the truth of this matter and only an investigation will be able to get to the bottom of it.

The petition target is 10,000 signatures, and the Rural North caretaker is hoping that residents will give it strong support.  To that end, she says, she will be in the city on the weekend seeking to garner as many endorsements as possible.