Pringle calls for urgent attention to be given to the office for the Leader of the Opposition

Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle does not have an office from
which to work and conduct the people’s business and, again, he has
taken this complaint to Parliament. 

On Thursday, July 27, MP Pringle – who represents the All Saints
East and St. Luke constituency – said he has written repeatedly to
the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Works about the
condition of the building that houses the Opposition Leader’s Office.
He reports that the situation has deteriorated to the point where he
is unable to use the premises anymore. 

The MP says he has since written to the Department of the
Legislature, as instructed by the clerk to Parliament. Accordingly, a
letter was sent, requesting that she follow up from her own
office; but, again, he says he is yet to receive a response.

Pringle says it is a disgrace that an elected Member of Parliament
–and the Leader of the Opposition, in particular – is expected to
operate from such a deplorable structure.

And he adds that the Government is to be blamed for the condition
of the building, which is a rented office.

In the meantime, Pringle says he is refusing to accept courtesy calls
in that building, because of its unacceptable condition. He notes that
he is dismayed and in disbelief that, after five years, he still needs to
raise this issue.

He was interrupted by Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt, who
stated that the MP had made his point and had exceeded his five-
minute allotted time.

The Speaker then suggested that Pringle find other way to address
the matter.

Pringle’s complaint came after boasts by St. John’s Rural East MP
Maria Bird – the Works minister – who praised the Antigua Labour
Party Government for its hard work in maintaining public buildings.

As examples, she cited the John E. St. Luce Conference Centre, the
UWI Five Islands campus, and several others – almost all of which
were projects of the United Progressive Party.