Woman’s screams send intruder running from her McKinnons property after an apparent break-in of her vehicle

Screaming is what possibly saved a McKinnons woman from an intruder whom she caught breaking into her car.

It is alleged that the man broke into the woman’s parked Ford Explorer and stole a pair of glasses valued at $3,000. The jeep was parked in her yard.

Having heard a sound at about 12:30 a.m., the woman reportedly decided to look outside. At that time, she noticed that the right front passenger door of her vehicle was open. Accordingly, she went outside to close the door and saw an unknown man sitting inside the jeep.

The man reportedly began to approach her with an object in his hand, and the woman began to scream, which sent the offender fleeing on foot in an easterly direction.

The intruder is said to be about 5’ 10” tall, of a slim build, and was wearing a grey hooded shirt and dark long pants.

A report of the incident was made, and the Police carried out a search for the man in the surrounding area, but to no avail.

They continue to investigate the matter.