Current state of the country proves there is neither creativity nor competence in the Browne Administration, Bass says

While teachers were forced to take a brief industrial action on Monday, February 13, and the crime spree by armed offenders continues, critics are complaining that the Gaston Browne Administration is not up to the job of running the country effectively – and one of those people is labour relations consultant Henderson Bass.

The Browne Administration won a third term in office on January 18; and, mere weeks after the polls, it is faced with protest action over school security and calls for an inquiry into the scandal of Antigua Airways and its stranding of West Africans here.

Bass notes that the Prime Minister Browne has often boasted of how creative, experienced and educated his Cabinet is. However, the consultant says, under Browne’s management the country’s economy has been struggling and the unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been.

Based on the Antigua Labour Party’s track record, he adds, there has been no proof of creativity, and the Administration does not have a reputable track record.

In fact, following the January 18 polls, which left the Labour Party with a one-seat majority in the Lower House, Browne himself spoke about the laziness of his minister-candidates.

But, according to Bass, even before Browne referred to it, the Nation already knew the Labour Party Administration is incompetent.