Fresh supply of fuel brings more than a million gallons of gasoline, WIOC says, enough to last at least three weeks

The West Indies Oil Company Ltd. (WIOC) has announced that it now has enough fuel to supply the country for the next three weeks, following reports that gasoline reserves had run low and some service stations had actually run out.

WIOC says the ship carrying the petroleum products docked in Antigua this week, with fresh supplies of about 1.1 million gallons of gasoline – which is about 33,000 barrels.

This much fuel could last for up to three weeks, with an expected rotation shortly before that, the company assures.

Earlier this week, rumours of a gasoline shortage sent many motorists into panic-buying to ensure they had enough of the reportedly scarce commodity.

Several service stations were packed beyond capacity as they tried to satisfy the many customers looking for a top-up on their fuel.

Now, the new supply of petrol should ensure that residents who usually go visiting friends and family during the Christmas season can do so comfortably.