Yet another marijuana bust at the Harbour; businessman says police being used to reduce competition in drug war

Another drug interdiction has been conducted at the Deep Water Harbour, with marijuana valued at almost a half-million dollars being seized; but some residents remain unimpressed.

According to reports, during a joint operation with the Customs Task Force, officers from the Narcotics Department discovered two blue barrels and a brown cardboard box in which 65 vacuumed-sealed packages of the controlled drug cannabis were concealed.

Reportedly, the illegal substance weighs 77½ pounds and carries an estimated street value of $465,000.

The barrels and box, along with their contents, were transported to Police Headquarters for further investigation, sources say.

This operation was carried out at about 11:45 a.m. on Monday, December 5.

The news of this discovery was greeted by several residents with the usual cynicism as, once again, they asked why the authorities are not mounting “sting operations,” rather than merely confiscating the drug.

“There’s a drug war,” one businessman posits, “and one side is simply using the Police to reduce the competition.”

Monday’s bust follows last week’s discovery of thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs, guns and ammunition at the Port.  No one has been arrested in connection with that find, to date, either.