Grand Finale of the Small Business Pull-up planned for this Saturday in St. Phillip’s South, and Bowen invites all to attend

The Grand Finale of the United Progressive Party’s “Small Business Pull-up” will take place this Saturday, December 10, in the St. Phillip’s South constituency.      

The caravan has been across the island and in the respective constituencies for 15 weeks, having started on August 20 in All Saints East and St. Luke.

This 16th and final stop of the business tour will see the Party celebrating the success of its initiative in grand style.

Sherfield Bowen, the UPP’s candidate for St. Phillip’s South, says he is pleased to welcome the caravan, which will help to boost sales and bring exposure to many struggling small businesses in his area.

“Through our collective spending power, we can make a difference by supporting small businesses and helping to rebuild the economy,” Bowen says.

Meanwhile, Political Leader Harold Lovell is declaring the initiative a huge success, adding that he is amazed by the large number of small businesses that were discovered.

Lovell says there is tremendous potential for developing community-based tourism as a new niche – positioning small businesses to showcase their culinary offerings and other traditions in order to differentiate the tourism product.

He is inviting everyone to support the last “Pull-up” and to hear some of the Party’s exciting plans to continue energizing small enterprises.

Saturday’s caravan will gather at Elvis in Freetown at 1 p.m., and patrons will “follow the music” to a number of businesses in Freetown, St. Phillips Village, and Lyons, ending at the Bethesda playing field, where the UPP will host a festive “Small Business Jam” that features the Kutting Edge Band.

George Wehner, the UPP Mobilization Officer, says this final event will be exciting and entertaining.  And he adds that a second round of this initiative is will be staged sometime in the future.