UPP will use UPPLIFTMENT Week to engage its base and hear from voters through a series of in-house and outdoor activities

As part of its “UPPLIFTMENT Week,” the United Progressive Party (UPP) will be hosting a number of activities during the period December 4 – 10. 

The week will be celebrated with a series of events designed to mobilize the Party’s base and facilitate greater dialogue around the UPP’s main message of “Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity.”

The activities will begin on Sunday, December 4, with a Youth Forum that will include a Networking Reception and Moderated Discussion, and this will be staged by Progressive Youth.

As the country prepares to go to the polls, the UPP says it will release some of its major policies and programmes during UPPLIFTMENT Week.  Accordingly, a press conference is slated for Thursday, December 8.

Later that day, the Party takes to the streets with its “Generation X Fitness Jam – Stretch, Stroll, Jog and Jam,” which will end with a social and bonfire at Pensioner’s Beach.

On the morning of December 9 – which the UPP continues to celebrate as “National Heroes Day” – the Leadership will pay tribute to its heroes at their graves and monuments.  

Then, starting at 12 noon, the Women’s Forum’s “Grand Time Food Fair” will be twinned with its “Pork Fest” at Rising Sun Grounds.

Finally, on December 10, the grand finale of the “Small Business Pull-up” will take place in the St. Phillip’s South constituency, rounding up the business caravan that has been touring the island since August.

Believing that an engaged citizenry is a sign of a healthy democracy, the Party has been in “full listening mode” since it launched its slate of candidates in 2020.

Political Leader Harold Lovell says the UPP recognizes the strong link between education and political participation.  Therefore, he says the full engagement of voters is necessary as the Party presents its message.

“The UPP,” he says “wants to ensure that the voices of ordinary citizens are heard and that our policies and programmes address their needs.”