UPP aspires to create a cleaner St. John’s City and will offer incentives to business owners to achieve this facelift

Downtown St. John’s will be revitalized under a United Progressive Party (UPP) Government, promises Political Leader Harold Lovell, who describes the city and its environs as being in a deplorable, filthy state.

Lovell says the Party’s aspiration is for a greener and cleaner Antigua and Barbuda, on a whole, given the neglect by the Antigua Labour Party regime and the daily complaints of the people.

However, as a priority, he says his Administration would revitalize the City through a complete facelift.  To accomplish this, he explains that business owners operating in St. John’s will be offered incentives to clean up their establishments.

Hence, in time, the UPP Political Leader envisions that St. John’s would become a model city for the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Lovell says, not only will a change come to the City – but to the governance of this country overall.