St. John’s Rural East to feature in upcoming ‘Small Business Pull-up,’ following record-setter in Rural West last week

Entrepreneurs in St. John’s Rural East are gearing up for the “Small Business Pull-up” hosted by the United Progressive Party (UPP), which is coming their way this weekend.

On Saturday, December 3, the Pull-up will wend its way through the constituency as the caravan of UPP supporters and Candidates patronizes eateries, bars, convenience stores and other enterprises.

And, as usual, the team will also share the Party’s “Small Business Agenda for Development and Growth” with vendors and business owners.

The caravan will leave the Hope Institute in Cassada Gardens at 1 p.m., and patrons will be able to “follow the music” to a number of small businesses in Clare Hall, Skerritts Pasture, St. Johnstons Village, Wireless, Sutherlands, Upper Gambles, Friars Hill and Cassada Gardens.

Sean Bird, the UPP Candidate in that constituency, says he understands, first-hand, what it takes to run a small business, particularly in today’s tough economy.

Bird says the Party wants to support as many small enterprises as possible in order to help boost their sales and visibility.

In the meantime, Harold Lovell, Political Leader, says he is pleased with the level of interest and support that has been generated by the initiative.

“This mobile gathering has really taken off and has revealed a proliferation of small businesses across the island,” he notes.  He adds that many of the Party’s supporters also look forward to the event as part of their weekend entertainment.

Lovell says there are two more constituencies to be covered; so he is inviting everyone to support these initiatives and, in turn, the small business owners.

This initiative, which has been running since late August, has highlighted the important role that small businesses play in driving the economy, the UPP Political Leader says.

According to Lovell, as many recover from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they are relying heavily on year-end sales to help improve their financial situation.

Meanwhile, last weekend’s “Small Business Pull-up” set a new record in the constituency of St. John’s Rural West, as patrons visited close to 50 small enterprises, sparking stronger support for “shopping within the community.”

And as the UPP was supporting and promoting small businesses locally, the United States was celebrating “Small Business Saturday” to highlight the impact of money spent in local communities.