Serpent reports late-night sightings of equipment being moved – and asks who is contracted to operate a new power-plant

Questions are being raised by a United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate about who has been given permission to operate a new power plant.
Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the contender for the St. George seat, says he has seen trailers – in the middle of the night – moving what appears to be equipment for a power plant.
He says his most recent sighting was on Monday night, November 7.
Now, the UPP Candidate is asking when a contract for a new power plant was signed, and whether the Browne Administration has disclosed that any such operation will take place.
Allegations are that the Administration purchased the former Tango Power Plant and dismantled it, and the copper reportedly was shipped overseas.
Watts says the people of Antigua and Barbuda should have owned that plant based on a BOOT arrangement.
According to Watts, this situation seems very peculiar, given that it is occurring on the eve of a general election.
Further, he says, the Administration’s talk about green energy and climate resilience appears to be a joke – or nothing but pandering.