UPP says its ‘Buyer Assist Programme’ will unblock path to home ownership with rent-to-own and grant options

A “Buyer Assist Programme” will be one of the initiatives launched by the United Progressive Party (UPP) Party once it takes office, and will assist residents to become homeowners, promises Harold Lovell, the Political Leader.
Lovell says the UPP is considering several pathways to home-ownership, including the rent-to-own option. A second option will cater specifically to aspiring home-owners and will be tailored to suit their unique circumstances and needs.
He notes that a major problem encountered by many residents – especially young people – is coming up with the deposit or down-payment, making it virtually impossible for them to get a mortgage.
However, the Political Leader says the Buyer Assist Programme will address this challenge by offering grants.
This is another novel and sensible UPP initiative intended to help people improve their living standards, Lovell says.

Meanwhile, Alister Thomas, the UPP Candidate for St. John’s City West, says this initiative would have been in place already – had the Party not been voted out of office.
He refers to the Bau Panel venture, which, he notes, was halted by the Gaston Browne Administration although hundreds of people had been approved for first-time home ownership.