Stop taking credit for my work in All Saints West, UPP’s Smith tells ALP candidate, with reference to repaired roadway

Anthony Smith, Jr., the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints West, is demanding that Michael Browne, his Antigua Labour Party (ALP) opponent, stop lying and taking credit for work Smith has had done in the constituency.
It is alleged that Browne, the Minister of Happiness, is claiming that he is responsible for having work done on a road in the Freeman’s Village New Extension.
However, Smith is debunking that notion. He notes that, although he is not in public office, he – the UPP Candidate – has been working in the constituency and getting things done.
Smith says he can attest to the previous condition of the road, since it has caused damage to his vehicle.
The Candidate says residents complained that – for years – they have been pleading with the MP to fix the roadway; however, he passed the buck to the developer.
Meanwhile, Smith says the neglect in the constituency is the worst he has seen in his 32 years on earth. He says the communities have regressed in a number of ways, including worsening infrastructure, little upkeep of public buildings, and poor sanitation.

While on the campaign trail, he says, he has spoken to the constituents who are not at all pleased with the current representation.
Addressing the issue of unemployment, Smith describes it as “sky high.” He says the situation is impacting mostly the youth, and nothing is being done to address the myriad issues it causes.
However, with him as the representative and the UPP at the helm of this country, Smith promises that All Saints West will never be in such a deplorable state.
The Party, he says, is focused on improving the lives of the people and not on a self-enrichment scheme, as exists now under the Gaston Browne Administration.