Andre Simon continues to improve, but remains on complete bed rest until bed-sore wound is fully healed

While he is doing much better, national cyclist Andre Simon continues to struggle with some health issues, even as his treatment proceeds in a Texas hospital.

When Simon arrived in the United States, he was diagnosed with a stage three wound from bed sores.  And in a recent update from family members, they report that he is still battling this complication and will be on complete bed rest until it heals.

Since receiving treatment overseas, his trach tube has been removed and he is now able to breathe on his own.

The family, who is in the United States with him, say they are grateful for every day spent with him as they seek to overcome, together, this rough patch in their lives.

Simon was run over by a driver on May 8, Mother’s Day, while on a practice ride with other cyclists on the Sir George Walter Highway.

Residents are still asked to contribute to meeting Simon’s medical expenses via the Gofundme account.