Residents are ready for honourable people to lead the country, says Anthony Smith, and UPP slate of candidates fits the bill

Residents are clamoring for a change from the old political guard to persons with fresh and innovative ideas, says Anthony Smith, Jr., the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints West, and his Party is the right choice to deliver what the people need.
As he is canvassing, Smith says, he often hears complaints about untrustworthy politicians and residents’ desire for honourable men and women to lead the country.
Unlike the Labour Party, he says, the 16 Candidates on the UPP slate are willing to serve the people honourably, to the best of their abilities, and without trying to enrich themselves.
Under the current administration, he notes, the people of this country have not felt any benefit – despite the boast of more revenues being collected by the Browne Administration than by any previous government.
According to Smith, residents want a better Antigua and Barbuda and not the state that exists now.