City East residents and parent complain about environs of Princess Margaret School and take ALP incumbent to task

Residents of St. John’s City East are complaining about the state of Dickenson Bay Street in the area of the Princess Margaret School (PMS).

“From the South side, you can hardly tell that a school is there,” a woman who took part in the UPP’s “Small Business Pull-up” on the weekend tells REAL News.  

“Look at the fence – nearly covered with the high grass.  Look at the size of the trees growing out of the drain.  We used to race boats in this gutter when I was young,” she says.  “Now I can barely see it.”

Today, Tuesday, the parent of a child attending the PMS also voiced a complaint – this time about the recently erected “big red billboard” that faces the secondary institution.

“Oh, Melford Nicholas want school-children to see him, but he nah see the condition of the school. What kind of conscience this man have?” she asks.

She recalls that, only weeks ago, a 14-year-old student was attacked and wounded by two assailants just outside the school compound, and “not even that incident could get these people to clean up the surroundings,” the mother complains.

The billboard in question is on Dickenson Bay Street and directly faces Hilda Davis Drive, where the school’s entrance is located.  

“He should ah shame ah he-self!” the mother declares of the Antigua Labour Party representative.  “Nothing but exploitation if you ask me.”