PMS’ Music Department receives donation of instruments from couple selected for this year’s ‘Destination Wedding’

The Music Department of the Princess Margaret Secondary School (PMS) has received several musical instruments from celebrity donors who recently got married in Antigua.

Jeff and Theresa Redd, this year’s Destination Wedding couple, tied the knot in June, Romance Month. Following the nuptials, they promised to make a donation of musical instruments, which they announced at a press conference held at Abbott’s Jewelry in their honour.

The groom, a former R&B crooner and Grammy Award-winner, made the special announcement to Khan Cordice, Director of Culture. Cordice decided that the instruments should be gifted to the Princess Margaret School, which has a very robust and active arts programme.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority met with representatives of the school’s Music Department to officially deliver the donation.

“Thanks to partnership with local shipping company Ezzy Ship, the instruments – which include two keyboards with stands – were safely and quickly shipped to Antigua and Barbuda via FedEx free of cost,” a press release from the Authority says.