Three schools fall victims to thieves; electronic items, stationery and books among the loot

After it was announced that police and army patrols at public schools across the island would be stepped up from last Friday (October 7) to quell the number of break-ins which have been happening at the nation’s schools, two schools were broken into around that same time into the weekend.

REAL News was told that three schools in total were broken into over the past four days – two government schools and a private educational institution.

Several electronic items, stationery and toiletries were stolen including fans, some of which were recent donations to the schools, and a freezer chest.

Reports are that the principal of the JT Ambrose Primary School located in All Saint made a report to the All Saints Police Station that the school had been broken into and a number of items stolen.

These included three lamps; electrical standing fans; a black 32-inch Samsung television set; a wall clock and a quantity of stationery.

Reportedly the items were stolen from the Grade Three classroom; and the point of entry into the building was through a northern wooden window of the same classroom, which was closed but not locked.

The police saw no signs of forced entry, according to reports, and exit was apparently made via the same point of entry.

This offence reportedly occurred sometime between 3:30pm on October 7 and 8:15am on October 10.

Meanwhile, a report was made to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) by Ashworth Azille of Coolidge, principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School of a break-in at his office.

Reports are that the building was examined and the police saw where the intruder(s) apparently used an implement to pry open two eastern single windows.

Having done so, the person(s) inserted a hand and threw several items off of the principal’s desk.

However, nothing was reported stolen.

This offence reportedly occurred sometime between 10:40am on October 8 and 7:15am on October 10.

In the meantime, a private educational institution had a similar fate.

The matter was reportedly reported to the police by the supervisor of the St. John’s Catholic Pre- School located on Nelson Mandela Drive.

It is alleged that the intruder(s) broke into the school and stole a deep freezer, a case of toilet paper, a box of water filters, eight fans, two bottles of hand sanitizer and a bottle of hand washing soap.

Reports are that the police saw no signs of forced entry at the pre-school; however, the items were somehow removed from an area in the storeroom and kitchen where they were left and later discovered stolen.

The point of entry and exit are still yet to be ascertained. A search was carried out in the immediate area for the stolen items, but without success.

This offence reportedly occurred sometime between 6:45pm on October 7 and 7:20am on October 8.

The police are probing all three incidents.