Grim discovery of human remains in Creekside; police to order DNA testing to determine identity

A man reportedly stumbled on what appeared to be human remains on his Golden Grove/Creekside property on Tuesday (October 11) shortly after 1pm.

Reports are that the man was cleaning a plot of land on a property in the area when he reportedly smelled a foul stench and then made the grim discovery which he reported to the police.

Further reports suggest that the corpse seemed to be in the final stages of decomposition.

Photographs in circulation show what appears to be a blackened skull and other bones in the immediate vicinity next to it. There are also what appears to be articles of clothing nearby to the body and a pair of black rubber slippers with the insignia VIP.

The remains seem to be that of a man based on the clothing that was discovered.

A number of persons have been reported missing over a number of years and more recently over the past several months.  The police are expected to order a DNA forensic testing in order to determine the identity of the person.

Reports are that the coroner was notified about the discovery and the body was removed to a local funeral home.

The police say that they are continuing investigations into the discovery and are appealing to anyone with information surrounding this incident to contact the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913 or Crimestoppers at 800-Tips.