Accidents at traffic junctions demand change of strategies, says ASP Ellis, with Dees Service Station location being priority

Traffic Department Head ASP Rodney Ellis says his Department will be changing its strategies in order to curb accidents, especially at problematic junctions.

What the Department is currently looking at, Ellis says, is whether drivers exiting these junctions should turn with the flow of traffic, instead of the usual turning against it. He says this habit is creating problems and measures must be taken to stem the resulting accidents.

In the meantime, the problematic junction at Dees Service Station is one that the Traffic Department intends to address.

Ellis says that officers should have been out late last week, along with technicians from the Ministry of Works, to make sure that issues at that and other junctions are rectified.

Another persistent issue is that motorists are driving too close to the vehicles directly in front of them, Ellis complains, and this causes an accident if the driver ahead makes a sudden stop. 

He is cautioning against this practice, and he advises drivers that there is a particular distance they must observe behind a vehicle in order to avoid a fender bender.

He says, meanwhile, that the Traffic Department has been conducting numerous stop-and-search exercises, which have been very successful.

These exercises have not been undertaken in the conventional way, he says, since law-enforcement must deploy new and modern strategies to reduce traffic infractions, including accidents, which were up in number in August.