EMS kept busy on Wednesday night as residents are involved in self-inflicted wounding and another Friars Hill Road accident

Official reports say that a man has been hospitalized with a fractured skull, following a reported drug-induced incident on Wednesday night, September 7.

It is alleged that the Belmont area resident was rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre in an unconscious state, after hitting his head on a cement block following the use of an illicit drug. 

Allegations are that the man was behaving erratically after using the illegal substance. He is said to have deliberately slammed his head into the block, sustaining several injuries, including a fractured skull and lacerations to his forehead.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to the scene and rushed the man to the hospital shortly after 8 p.m. that evening.

Meanwhile, only three days after the fatal accident on the Friars Hill Road, there was another vehicular collision on Wednesday night, this one involving a woman said to be five months pregnant.

She sustained injuries after her car was hit by another vehicle, just as she was turning onto the southbound lane of the highway. 

Other media reports claim the woman did not appear to be seriously hurt; however, she was transported to the hospital by the EMS as a precautionary measure. 

Initial investigations revealed that the vehicle which slammed into her car was traveling at a high speed from north to south. 

The incident reportedly occurred at about 10:20 p.m.

Early Sunday morning, September 4, while she was walking on that road, Greta “Dolly” Barton, 85, was fatally struck by a car.

She was the second pedestrian to meet her death on the recently rebuilt roadway.