Police kept busy investigating seven woundings, five of which occurred in a single day; latest victim said to be hospitalized

A teenager is one of several people nursing injuries, as the Police investigate seven separate wounding incidents – five of which occurred on the same day, Tuesday, August 16.

The 19-year-old is the most recent victim, however, having being injured on Thursday, August 18, shortly after 6 p.m., in Potters.

It is alleged that he is hospitalized after being chopped multiple times about the body and in the neck and head.

The incident allegedly stemmed from a feud between the youth and another man.

In one of the earlier woundings, a Golden Grove man reported to the Police that he had been slashed with a knife, on the forehead and right index finger.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 8:45 p.m. on August 15, after the victim told his attacker to leave the compound of the KOB2 Supermarket on Fort Road.

As a result of this instruction, an argument reportedly ensued between the two, during which the alleged perpetrator attacked and wounded the Golden Grove man.

The victim was subsequently transported to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Meanwhile, another stabbing incident involved a Vernons resident and a Grays Farm man.

Reportedly, the attacker is the ex-boyfriend of the victim’s current girlfriend, and he is alleged to have used a knife to wound the man on his right instep during an altercation.

It is also alleged that the perpetrator beat the victim’s seven-year-old daughter with a 2 x 4 piece of wood on her left hand.

The two victims were treated at the hospital for the injuries they sustained during the incident.

A search was carried out for the offender, but without success, the Police say.

In another stabbing incident on Tuesday, at about 7 a.m., a Potters Village man reported that he had been stabbed with a knife by a Fort Road woman, the mother of his child.

Reportedly the man and his girlfriend had a domestic dispute over a message she read on his phone; and, in the altercation, he was stabbed twice to his lower back.

He, too, had to be treated at the hospital for his injuries. 

In a separate instance, hospital officials reportedly telephoned the Police and reported that a young man with a bleeding wound to his head had presented himself for treatment. The man was also bleeding from his ears.

Reports are that the patient – a Loblolly Hill, Grays Farm, man – had been assaulted by a young man with a piece of 2 x 4 lumber, which resulted in a wound to the right side of his head and cuts to his left ear.

It is unclear what sparked this incident, which occurred in Grays Farm at about 3:46 p.m.

Another stabbing took place at 10:15 p.m. that night on Bennett Street, Villa.

Reports are that a McKinnons man had to be rushed to the Emergency Room with a bleeding wound to the left side of his chest and one to his forehead.

However, a source says the victim gave only his name to the Police; he has refused to give them any information about the incident.

His injuries, according to a doctor, are not serious, and he reportedly is in a stable condition. 

In yet another domestic dispute, a 21-year-old Bendals Village woman reported that her 27-year-old boyfriend of the same address had assaulted her – punching her in the face and biting her on the chest.

Reportedly, the young woman had been at home, having a phone conversation with a friend, which apparently irritated her boyfriend. A scuffle occurred, during which he allegedly inflicted the injuries.

The Police conducted a search for him and discovered that he, too, had been injured. He alleged that, during the altercation, the girlfriend had bitten him on the left hand.

The pair had to seek medical attention for their injuries.