Post Office is the site of another drug bust, yielding 12 pounds worth more than $70k; but residents remain unimpressed

Another successful drug-interdiction has been made within the space of 24 hours. However, as the Police continue these operations, residents continue to be displeased that no arrests are being made.

Law enforcement – including officers from the Narcotics Department, the K-9 Unit, and the Customs Enforcement Unit – conducted the joint operation on Tuesday, August 16, at about 10:30 a.m., at the General Post Office.

Reports say that three brown cardboard boxes were found and searched, and 12 vacuumed-sealed packages with a green bushy substance – suspected to be the controlled drug cannabis – were found.

This most recent drug find, with a weight of 12 pounds, has an estimated street value of $72,000.

As usual, the boxes and their contents were transported to Police Headquarters pending further investigation.

Meanwhile, a similar exercise was conducted at the Deep Water Harbour on Monday, August 15, when 59 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of $354,000, were found.

The 39 vacuum-sealed packages were reportedly inside a barrel.

Persons are advising that, instead of removing the drugs, the Police should allow the consignee to uplift the packages and then bust them.

While it is “well and good” to prevent drugs from hitting the streets, a woman says, it is also vital to stop the importation at the source.

According to her, once the importers realize that the drugs have been seized, they will just make another order for more. She says that residents should not believe that all the drugs imported into this country are intercepted.