UPP celebrates International Youth Day beside Nation’s young people, with pledges of support from leaders Lovell and Pringle

Today, August 12, Antigua and Barbuda is observing International Youth Day, and the United Progressive Party (UPP) is celebrating the the day that has been dedicated to young people.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.”

Political Leader of the Party Harold Lovell says today is meant to focus on the important role of the youth, since young people are now dictating the trends and how governments function.

The Party notes that today’s youth are highly educated, exposed and vocal about issues that impact them and the wider community.

And Lovell predicts that young people will become the driving force in this country, especially in the field of information technology.

The UPP Political Leader makes special mention of the Party’s junior arm, the Progressive Youth, which he describes as an intelligent and patriotic set of young people.

Meanwhile, the Party’s Deputy Political Leader, MP Jamale Pringle, is assuring the Progressive Youth group of his commitment to their development and elevation.

“Creating avenues to harness your talents and academic pursuits and fostering well-roundedness is my ultimate goal,” he tells his younger colleagues. “I endeavour to be your inspiration and motivation as we strive for one principal goal: Achieving “Inter-Generational Solidarity by Creating a world for ALL ages.”

Lovell and Pringle both believe the younger generation has become more interested in politics and helping to make a positive contribution to the nation.

However, Lovell says, the Browne Administration has not properly placed its focus on the youth, and it has not put any meaningful plans in place to assist with their further development.

In the meantime, Pringles reminds the youth that “a solid foundation has been set for you” and exhorts them to “build on it! Legacies have been set; create your own…make your mark!

“Demonstrate to the world that you are not simply a force to be reckoned with,” he tells them. “You are that ‘wind of change.’”