Lovell remembers Banks Derrick’s impact on local landscapes as the football and entertainment mogul is laid to rest today

The life of the late Gordon “Banks” Derrick is being celebrated, even as he is laid to rest today, July 29, following a funeral service at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church.

Reflecting on Derrick’s life and his impact on the landscapes of football, entertainment and politics, Harold Lovell describes him as larger than life.

Banks Derrick was a former General-Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) and a former president of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU). In his time, he even sought to establish a local semi-professional team, The Barracudas,

Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), says that Banks’ vision for the sport must be revived, especially since The Barracudas did make an impact with regard to the skill sets it helped to foster.

He is hoping the day will come when part of Derrick’s legacy will be brought to life – as a professional unit in which young footballers can reach their full potential on the international stage.

Otherwise, Derrick has been described as “the life of the party.” He was one of the principals of DSC Promotions, with the D representing his surname, and a founding member of the Xtreme Mas’ Troupe.

Accordingly, Lovell says that Banks’ input in the entertainment industry will be greatly missed.

Derrick grew up in Villa, was married to Wendy Peters Derrick and was the father of two children. He was the brother of former politician Colin Derrick and Carnival-costume designer Sandra Derrick.

He served his country in a number of business and civic organizations, including the Antigua Commercial Bank; ACB Mortgage and Trust Company; and the Antigua Port Authority, as well as the Independence Celebrations Committee and the Antigua Carnival Committee.

In 2017, Derrick migrated to Orlando, Florida, and formed a consulting company.

He died suddenly on the night of Sunday, June 19, after collapsing at home. The 53-year-old had complained earlier that he felt unwell.

Meanwhile, Edgar “Guy” Davis, a former educator and cricket administrator, passed away late Wednesday night, July 27.

Lovell pays tribute to Davis, too, for the roles he played in Antigua and Barbuda’s development, particularly in education and sports.

The youngest son of the late Sir J.Oliver “Pookie” Davis and Evelyn Lady Davis, Edgar was also the uncle of “Banks” Derrick.